About us


Established in 1999, the company UAB “ELTALIS” main activity is innovative management and automation solutions for engineering systems of buildings. Our team of highly qualified certified designers, programmers, project managers and installers, having implemented several projects of varying complexity, can offer complex solutions from the formulation of the design task to the delivery of the object to the customer or his authorized organization.

We are a modern company whose main areas of activity are the design, installation, installation and operation of process control and automation of building engineering systems (fire protection systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

UAB “Eltalis” is the official representative of VACON production in Lithuania.

OUR Aspirations

We strive to ensure that the projects and services we provide meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We constantly make sure that the impact on the environment is reduced, that the quality, environmental protection, work safety and health management system ensures the harmonious operation of the company.


To create a company based on modern management principles, constantly learning and improving, focused on achieving set goals, fighting challenges and quickly responding to changes
When designing and implementing new products, apply environmental criteria, encourage our customers to choose environmentally friendly solutions and optimize energy consumption
Aim for continuous improvement and pollution prevention by developing environmental protection effectiveness assessment procedures and related indicators
Develop long-term relationships with partners and customers, evaluate suppliers and subcontractors responsibly, taking into account environmental aspects, maintain close, mutually beneficial relationships with them
Ensure safe working conditions, take care of the health and well-being of employees, and provide comprehensive assistance in the event of incidents
Enlighten and train employees, develop their and other persons working on behalf of the company to be responsible for the quality of their work and environmental protection