Fish Processing Plant BALTIC FISH EXPORT

Užduotis: Complex engineering system automation and combining into a single building management system (BMS)

In Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ), UAB ELTALIS and Ko took part in the construction of a totally new Vičiūnai company group plant Baltic Fish Export. The new plant will process
a large quantity of fish caught in the Baltic Sea. In this plant, fish will be processed, packaged and get ready for retail trade. Warehouse refrigerators were built near the plant
as well to keep raw materials. UAB ELTALIS and Ko carried out on-site control and automation of the major building engineering systems, such as firefighting, ventilation,
cooling, and micro climate processes. In 10,000 m2 complex, a modern building management system (BMS) allowing to monitor, record and archive ventilation, micro
climate, cooling, heating, electricity supply, smoke removal, firefighting, and sewage system operation was installed.

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